Education Bursary

Great horned Owl. Photo credit: Paul Steeves


The WRNBC awards an annual bursary to post-secondary students who intend to pursue a course of studies in areas that will be of benefit to wildlife.


The WRNBC Board of Directors will name a Bursary Committee chaired by board members. The Bursary Committee will send information to members to distribute in their local areas and post-secondary institutions. The application deadline is January 31st and will be strictly adhered to. Upon decision, the bursary recipient will be notified. The recipient will be invited to attend the WRNBC Annual General Meeting, held the following February/March, when the bursary recipient will be announced.


An award may be withheld or cancelled for any of the following reasons: lack of suitable candidates, failure to meet the terms and conditions of the award, withdrawal from the course of study, withdrawal of the award by the donor. The WRNBC and its Board of Directors only assume liability of payment of bursaries to the extent that expected gifts from donors or funds available are realized. The WRNBC Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes, including cancellation, of awards and/or criteria.


  • Resident of British Columbia
  • Post-secondary student pursuing a course of study in areas that benefit wildlife
  • Experience at a wildlife rehabilitation facility


  • Academic proficiency
  • Financial need
  • Community service


Recipients are requested to attend a WRNBC Annual General Meeting and thank in writing the WRNBC and any specific donors who made the bursary possible. A letter of recommendation from the director or manager of the wildlife rehabilitation facility where the applicant has experience, should accompany any application.

Download 2018 Bursary Application
Applications to be sent to

Past Bursary Award Recipients

2017 – Unawarded

2016 – Bursary was awarded to Mae Lingren, a Wild ARC staff member and Veterinary Technology student at Douglas College.

2015 – Bursary was awarded to Katelyn Mills, a fourth-year undergraduate student at UBC studying Applied Animal Biology.

2013 – Bursary was awarded to Rachele Ricketts, a Wild ARC volunteer with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, pursuing her AHT diploma at Thompson Rivers University.

2012 – No applications were received in 2011-2012, therefore no bursary was awarded.

2011 – The bursary was awarded to Sean Daley, a volunteer at the BC Wildlife Park (Kamloops), who is completing his diploma in Animal Health Technology (AHT) at Thompson Rivers University

2010 – Melanie Gordon, graduated from Thompson Rivers University as an RAHT, and is now a wildlife rehabilitator at Wild ARC.

2009 – Kailee Price, graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Animal Science. Kailee is a volunteer with Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, and has completed internships at Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre (Salt Spring), and Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

2008 – Christina Carrieres, RAHT, graduated from the University of Victoria with a double major in Environmental Studies and Biology. Christina is now the Senior Wildlife Rehabilitator at Wild ARC.

2007 – Jeremy Nilson, a volunteer from OWL (Delta), attended Kwantlen University Science transfer program with an interest in veterinary medicine.

2006 – The bursary was awarded to Courtney Dean. Courtney has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Oceanography from the University of Victoria.

2005 – Shelanne Bulford, a wildlife rehabilitator from Wild ARC, was completing her BSc. in Environmental and Conservation Science at the University of Alberta before moving to BC and continuing her studies through BC Open University.

2004 – The bursary was awarded to Eileen Brunsch, enrolled in the University of Northern British Columbia’s Biology, Wildlife and Fisheries Management Program. She was involved in applied research on Black-capped chickadees.

2002 – No applicants, therefore no bursary was awarded.

2001 – The bursary recipient was Deborah Austin, a summer staff member at Wildlife Rescue Association. Deborah was in the Simon Fraser University General Science Program and her study interests included veterinary medicine and wildlife.

2000 – Laura Terry, a volunteer at North Island Wildlife Recovery Association, was the bursary recipient. She was enrolled in the Recreation Fish and Wildlife Program at Selkirk College.

1999 – The bursary was awarded to Jackie Ward, a third year Biology student at Simon Fraser University and a Wildlife Rescue Association volunteer. Jackie was the Team Leader of Wildlife Care at Wildlife Rescue Association from 2002-2007.

1998 – Tracy Anderson, a Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society volunteer and student in Biology at the University of Victoria, was the recipient of the bursary. In 2003, Tracy began working for Wild ARC in Victoria.

1997 – The first WRNBC bursary recipient was Deborah Ratzlaff, a Simon Fraser University student of Environmental Toxicology.